Grassroots Accountability Project


Welcome to the GAP, the HME industry’s grassroots advocacy initiative! Below are the key HME priorities that GAP volunteers are working on. Thanks for getting involved and helping make a difference for the HME community and those we serve!

DME Relief

Help secure co-sponsors for legislation to provide reimbursement relief for former Competitive Bidding Areas! Old pricing from the flawed Competitive Bidding Program is used to set DME rates and fails to account for the true costs of providing DME, supplies, and services. Supply chain disruptions and pandemic challenges affecting staffing, surcharges, added expenses, and more have exacerbated the reimbursement strain suppliers experience. Reps. Markwayne Mullin (R—OK) and Paul Tonko (D—NY) introduced HR 6641, the DMEPOS Relief Act of 2022, on 2/8/22 to provide a 90/10 blended rate relief to the 13 DME product categories excluded from Competitive Bidding Round 2021, providing relief from 1/1/22-12/31/23.

THE ASK: Ask your Representative to be co-sponsor HR 6641!