Grassroots Accountability Project


Welcome to the GAP, the HME industry’s grassroots advocacy initiative! Below are the key HME priorities that GAP volunteers are working on. Thanks for getting involved and helping make a difference for the HME community and those we serve!

Competitive Bidding: Non-Bid Relief

Competitive Bidding Program pricing is used to set non-bid rates even though they have distinct cost differences. The HME Industry will be seeking legislation in the 117th Congress for permanent relief for all non-bid areas.

Extend CARES Act Sequestration Relief

The suspension of the 2% Medicare sequester cut expired March 31, 2021; however, CMS is holding claims on or after April 1 in anticipation of the House voting on the Senate passed legislation from S 748 once it convenes from its April district work period. This would extend the suspension of the 2% sequestration cut until the end of the public health emergency. Stay tuned for updates and asks for the GAP as the House votes on the Senate version soon.