Grassroots Accountability Project


Welcome to the GAP, the HME industry’s grassroots advocacy initiative! Below are the key HME priorities that GAP volunteers are working on. Thanks for getting involved and helping make a difference for the HME community and those we serve!

DME Relief

Help solicit support for Medicare FFS reimbursement relief! Current rates fail to account for the true costs of providing DME, supplies, and services as supply chain disruptions and pandemic challenges affecting staffing, surcharges, added expenses, and more have exacerbated the reimbursement strain suppliers experience.

We need to continue to push to help get this relief as soon as possible. Please reach out to your Senators and House members encouraging them to reach out to leadership in their respective chambers in support of extending 75/25 Medicare blended rate in non-rural areas (S. 1294 and H.R. 5555 provisions) in the next upcoming government funding bill.