Most people—if given the choice—want to live in their homes as long as physically possible. By making a few in-home changes, this becomes possible in many cases. The VGM Live At Home network of Home Access contractors is focused on modifying homes for those who wish to “age in place” or who have a wheelchair user in the family. Our #1 priority is providing safe home environments for each individual customer throughout their modern lifespan.

Our network of certified independent companies are experts in fall reduction and in-home independence. There are two types of services our companies provide.

Proactive home modifications include services such as:

  • Installing a walk-in shower or a strategically placed grab bar or handrail
  • Widening a door
  • Moving an electrical outlet higher off the floor
  • Installing pullout shelving
  • Providing appropriate lighting

Need it now home accessibility includes services such as:  

  • Installing a ramp or vertical platform lift for entrance into the home
  • Recommending and installing a stairway lift for the upstairs or basement
  • Adding a security pole for help with standing from a chair, bed, or couch
  • Installing a transfer lift for those whose mobility has been compromised

Through this program, we will come to your home and perform a Home Safety Inspection. We only recommend the changes needed to improve independence and mobility and decrease the chance of falls.

If you decide that you want any work done in your home, our companies will offer you a 10% discount on their services up to $250.00 total. VGM Live At Home companies have been vetted to be credentialed, are experienced, and provide excellent customer experience.

Please fill out the self-assessment and contact form. If you have a need for a home evaluation or to address troubled areas, we will connect you with an expert in your market. If you live in an area where we have no certified company, we will work to connect you to the closest company.

If you would prefer to call us instead, dial 877-404-2442 and we will assist you.