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Effortlessly Drive CPAP Resupply Sales!

VGM Group, Inc.

Each year, Strategic Imaging offers VGM members a CPAP resupply mailer program. The mailer program is simple and results in a return on investment you don’t want to miss.

Participants love the ease of preparing these mailers. Simply provide Strategic Imaging with a mailing list, and we’ll do the rest! For a true hands-off process, use VGM Fulfillment. No need to increase staff to fulfill resupply orders!

CPAP Resupply Mailer

Our affordable pricing is listed below:

Quantity Cost Per Mailer
300* - 1750 $0.86
1751 - 3500 $0.81
2501 - 5250 $0.76
5251 - 7000 $0.71
7001 or more $0.66

*Minimum order quantity is 300

The price includes:

  • Modifying mailer with your company’s information
  • Printing and mailing services
  • Use of NCOA™ to verify mailing list
  • Standard postage

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