Labor Tracker Maximizing Repair Profitability

Did you know that evidence shows only 20% of a tech's time is actually billed?

“This morning I updated my K0739 (repair labor) study and I am happy to report that, once again, we have shown improvement. YTD 2016 labor has grown to 26% of our overall service billings and total monthly labor billings have grown to an average just shy of $40,000 for our six service techs.

-Doug Westerdahl, Monroe Wheelchair

Labor Tracker

Labor Tracker, a digital solution developed in partnership with U.S. Rehab, standardizes repair service calls for technicians and streamlines itemization for billers.

Where do your repair and claims processes fall flat?

Missed opportunity?

Missed Opportunity

Are you confident that service technicians are identifying all opportunities to service equipment?

Communication breakdowns?

Communication Breakdowns

Do your billers have to seek confirmation of labor performed and reasons for the labor?  



Can you account for your service technicians’ time with detail and accuracy?

Labor Tracker is like your in-house service repair management expert.

Assure Thorough Service and Repair

A standard workflow streamlines your technicians’ workflow, guiding them through the initial call and service appointment with complete labor guides for manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, beds and lifts, standers and gait trainers, as well as modifications.

Bridge Communication

Service checklists and corresponding reason codes eliminate the need for your billers to spend time contacting technicians for clarification, and it alleviates pressure felt by technicians to deliver thorough notes—and readable handwriting.

Document Work and Associated Time

Benchmarks—like productivity, service call counts, and labor profitability per location and technician— are easy to manage on Labor Tracker’s home dashboard. Plus, a report card that measures the revenue being generated through repairs is only a click away.

Labor Tracker safeguards against missed service opportunities and simplifies claims creation
for labor code K0739.

Are you wondering where Labor Tracker has been all these years?


Labor Tracker operates through a password-protected, secure web portal and is supported by VGM Forbin.

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